Maintaining  good laboratory notebooks is even more important than has been  in the past. Events like  the Walkerton tragedy underscore the importance of maintaining  good records that can be later scrutinized. Increased  standardization and accountability in  government and industry have also made it imperative that records are accurately maintained. Laboratory notebooks are a primary  source of supporting documentation for developing new   technology, an increasingly important activity for biologists, and also to comply with regulations, particularly with regard  to safety.

This site  will be updated periodically with protocols and  should serve  as a standard resource for  students  taking  undergraduate laboratory courses and working in research laboratories.

Other links  of  interest

DOE2000  Electronic Notebook

A  United States Department of Energy site describing an electronic  notebook project. Many companies are now  beginning to adopt and use electronic notebooks, but the basic principles are the same as the paper  type.

Linus Pauling Research Notebooks -  Special  Collections

Lab  notebooks from a master! Linus Pauling was a  famous chemist and peace activist who won two Nobel prizes  (you probably knew  that..)....he also kept great lab  notebooks.

Suggestions  for Keeping Laboratory Notebooks

This site  raises some interesting points regarding the use of  laboratory  notebooks for patenting  purposes.